“For too long, politicians in the Ohio Statehouse have been controlled by special interests, lobbyists and secret campaign contributions. It has corrupted our elections, rigged our government and hurt our economy. With no accountability, all the benefits flow to the wealthy, and working Ohioans truly pay the price. Hardworking Ohioans deserve state leaders that will put their needs front and center. It’s clear we need new leadership in Columbus.”

As Secretary of State, Kathleen will bring accountability and transparency to our government and put middle class and hardworking Ohioans first. Kathleen will secure elections from growing cyber threats, help welcome more businesses to Ohio and close secret money loopholes used by special interests and possible foreign enemies to influence our elections. She will stand up for the fundamental right to vote and end the partisan gerrymandering that lets corrupt politicians rig the system. Find out more here:


Secure our Elections

On the issue of securing Ohio’s elections from ongoing cyber threats, Kathleen has proposed a set of bills in the state legislature that would create a cybersecurity director in the secretary of state’s office alongside a bipartisan advisory council of election officials, voting advocates, and cybersecurity experts. She has also proposed that counties move to secure voter-marked, voter-verified paper ballot voting systems, and that audits be conducted after every election.

“The machinery of our American democracy was attacked in 2016, and urgent bipartisan action is needed to protect our voting systems,” Clyde said. “At this crucial time, we need to invest in the strength of our democracy by upgrading to voting machines and systems that will allow us to conduct secure elections that can withstand foreign attack.”

Kathleen’s plan for Automatic Voter Registration will also ensure Ohio has the most thorough, accurate and secure list of eligible voters so that everyone who wants to cast a ballot can do so and no one who is ineligible to vote can influence our elections.


Welcome New Businesses

Kathleen wants to foster a more business-friendly environment in Ohio, modernizing the tools available through the Secretary of State’s office to allow both small and large businesses to thrive.

Kathleen will streamline our online business filing system and support small business owners by creating nontraditional office hours for business services and modernizing the online interface accessed from any device. She will work with state leaders to invest in Ohio’s workforce, providing access to quality education, and to provide innovative tools that will help Ohio’s businesses and workers compete.

Kathleen will also advocate for eliminating filing fees for veterans who wish to start a business. Kathleen believes if you serve our country in the military, you shouldn’t have to pay a fee to start your business.

Bring Transparency to Our Elections

Big money special interests have far too much influence over our government and it hurts our families and businesses. The lack of disclosure has corrupted our democratic system. We need greater transparency in the system in order to hold our state leaders accountable.

This is why Kathleen is calling for closing secret money loopholes, increase transparency, and ban foreign money from campaigns in Ohio. She introduced the Ohio DISCLOSE Act to strengthen our disclosure laws and eliminate secret and foreign money from influencing. As Secretary of State, she’ll use the authority of the office to shine a light on who’s influencing our government.

Protect Your Right To Vote

Kathleen believes that the right to vote is a fundamental freedom. That’s why she has spent her entire career fighting for fair elections. Kathleen has introduced automatic voter registration legislation that will ensure Ohioans are added to the rolls when they do everyday things like get a driver’s license, seek disability services, or simply turn eighteen.

Kathleen voted against over a dozen restrictions on voting during her 8 years in the legislature and turned back several more, helping to remove harmful provisions from legislation and obtain vetoes of egregious attacks on voting rights. She fought hard to restore the busiest days of early voting and extend early voting days and hours, so working Ohioans have the opportunities they need to cast their vote. As Secretary of State, Kathleen will ensure every Ohioan’s voice is heard at the ballot box and every vote is counted

Stop Gerrymandering

For decades now Ohio voters have been cheated by some of the most gerrymandered districts in the country, where the system is rigged so politicians pick their voters instead of the other way around. As Secretary of State, Kathleen will stop gerrymandering and she will bring fair districts back to Ohio.

The last set of district maps were drawn at the beginning of this decade behind a cloak of secrecy, in a downtown Columbus hotel room called “The Bunker.” Kathleen has introduced the Keep it Open, Keep it Honest plan to eliminate the secrecy and ensure the public has meaningful input into how Ohio’s districts are drawn. Fair districts are the foundation of a healthy democracy.